Daily Ramblings 4.21.14

I know not many people actually read my daily ramblings, but since I stopped writing (actually, typing) down my days I’ve felt disconnected and cluttered. One of the down sides to living on an island with a small young adult population (20-30 year olds, anyone out there?) is the lack of people to hang out with and chat. Plus I think my concrete brain wants something tangible to wrap around as I pray and work through daily stressors and thoughts. So yes, for the record, I don’t broadcast this portion of my tumblr for the attention and “fans” that other blogs have. This is just my way of unraveling my brain and getting my thoughts onto something more permanent (and the curse of the left-handers has left me with many frustrations regarding writing, such as smudged ink).

So without further ado….

Today I was lucky enough to get a “sick” day from work. My leave request for tomorrow got lost in transit so I wasn’t able to take a vacation day, but my boss let me take a sick day today. On my list: get my Jeep title transferred to my name (done!), make an academic schedule for next semester, apply for classes (if all goes well with the website classes should be available to register today), finish my Judah Smith podcast on fulfillment, upload notes from the sermon onto Tumblr (hey, that’s you!), take Denver on a walk, finish reading Acts (I think I’ve read chapters 1-15 about a dozen times but then get distracted and never finish the book! I’m on 18, so far so good), frost the chocolate cherry cupcakes and deliver them to various family/friends and NOT EAT THEM!

{prayer} for vision while I register for classes, patience at work this week
{verse} Psalm 5:3 “Listen to my voice in the morning, lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.”